Blood Sisters Netflix 2022 Movie Download (Nigeria)

Now Out, Blood Sisters Netflix 2022 Movie Download (Nigeria) MOVIE Download, Netflix and EbonyLife Studios announced the cast of Netflix’s first original Nigerian series, “Blood Sisters,” in 2021. The four-part crime thriller was directed by Biyi Bandele and Kenneth Gyang.

Netflix and EbonyLife Studios have revealed that the thrilling limited series will now be available globally and exclusively on Netflix on May 5, 2022.


  • Season 1 Episode 1 (It’s a Bloody Affair) DOWNLOAD
  • Season 1 Episode 2 (Run Sisters Run) DOWNLOAD
  • Season 1 Episode 3 (The Hunt) DOWNLOAD
  • Season 1 Episode 4 (The Catch) DOWNLOAD

The series’ themes include intra-family connections, physical and drug addiction, love, dedication, and relationships, as well as the test of friendships under difficult situations.

Set against the busy background of Lagos, Nigeria, this limited series is a homage to city life, wonderfully juxtaposing the different socioeconomic gaps in Africa’s most famous commercial and social metropolis.

Blood Sisters Netflix 2022 Movie Download (Nigeria)
Blood Sisters Netflix 2022 Movie Download (Nigeria)

Speaking on the importance of telling the “Blood Sisters” story, CEO of EbonyLife Studios Mo Abudu says: “Blood Sisters is a crime thriller, which is a new genre for us, so the prospect was challenging but very exciting! It was also a particularly unique and intense experience as we shot during the pandemic, but we remained committed to the vision we share with Netflix – to tell authentic and exciting African stories with superb production values.”

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